If you sit badly and are very tense, you can't do much.

A suitable office chair is, therefore, a good investment. These are the characteristics that count.
Would you run a marathon in poorly fitting shoes?
Of course not - you are not crazy.
Sitting in a crappy, wobbly desk chair for eight hours a day is a reality for many - and that's no less crazy.
The effects of bad Seat may not be as directly felt as they are with bad shoes.
But they are serious in the long term: Back pain is one of the most common reasons why people become unable to work.
And a good Computer Desk office chair can at least reduce the burden of desk work.
But how do you find the one office Computer Chair that suits you perfectly?
"A good office Computer Chair has to be able to do three things," says Andreas Stephan, head of the "Office" department of the statutory accident insurance (VGB) in Ludwigsburg. "Firstly, it must support the natural posture in all sitting positions, secondly, it must be individually adaptable, and thirdly, it must encourage movement."
But how do you know whether an office chair meets these

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